Laura’s Lids

Decorative Canning Caps that Fit Regular Mouth Mason Jars

Explore the World of Lids!

Everyday supplies and one-of-a-kind mason jar lids including vintage and handmade lids.

Who would have thought, mason jars lids are a lifestyle.

Perfect for the Honey Jar!

Yes we were thinking of keeping a lid on this project but word got out and we are selling to the world.

Let’s Blow The Lid Off This!

Let’s blow the lid off this; we’ve even got Mason jar lids with drinking straw holes!

What People Say

Very pleased with my purchase good value for the money would purchase again. Look very nice and they fit our jars very well .Bright and cheerful!

Amazon customer…


We try to run this as an online business but we do have an “instant” office in Dallas for large retail order negotiations:

5301 Alpha Rd

Ste. E80

Dallas, Texas


(By appointment only!)


A Shout-Out

All the things you don’t think about when you’re launching a business. Like packaging. In our case, Packaging Source of Dallas came to the rescue! If you need custom packaging, custom POP and product display boxes, David Alberts and the team are the best.


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